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                                                                          Gun Stocks  




We have had a HUGE response for our Gun Stocks! Thank you all! But we will no longer be offering them for sale online.  You're still welcome to come to the store and purchase them.


We have 100's of Gun Stocks available including the Garand, Carbine

& M- 14 . $10.00 each OUR choice or $25.00 each. Thanks!






         Original Vietnam Era Black Colt AR15 M16 Training Rifle

                                         (Rubber Ducky)


 This is an Original Vietnam Period Black Colt AR15 M16 Rubber Training Rifle also known as "Rubber Ducky/Duck" Overall it is in average Condition but early type. No Slings but Well Marked. Price for this item is $125.00 with $25.00 Priority Shipping to the United States ONLY.



                                     Nazi German Iron Cross 1st Class Pin Back

                                                                   Uncleaned Unmarked






                               All Items I sell are Guaranteed to be Authentic. 

Iron Cross Pin

Quanity: 1

Price: $225.00





             Nazi German Paratrooper Assault Badge (NO PIN) 



Price: $195.00



                                             Nazi German Gold Wound Badge


 Nice Original Complete. Uncleaned & Untampered with. Medium thickness.
 Price: $145.00 



If you have any questions please email us at or phone the store (812) 423-4086


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